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What is the difference between GLUE ON crystals and HOTFIX crystals?

Swarovski Crystal Elements (also called crystals, diamantes, rhinestones, stones, beads or gems) that have a flat surface ('flat backs') are available in two options: No Hotfix (or Glue On) crystals and Hotfix Crystals. 


No-Hotfix or Glue On Crystals

You apply these crystals with glue (please see below on the best glue to use). These are very versatile crystals as they can be applied to almost any surface. Smaller sized crystals are very popular for nail and body art customers/technicians, but they're also perfect for tapering effects or space-filler crystals on clothing, shoes or say, a mobile phone case.


Hotfix Crystals

These crystals have a heat sensitive glue coating on the flat surface of the crystal. Hotfix crystals require a hotfix tool/wand to for application. The hotfix wand works by heating the crystal which activates the glue coating, making it sticky. These crystals are exclusively used on fabric surfaces.